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Humanity is facing an increasing number of global challenges whose solutions may lie beyond the knowledge of the mankind. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence will be restarted with greater ambition and resolve in a seek of a new dimension of knowledge and cultures. This project will fund the development of various methods and inventions to facilitate the exploration for other civilizations. Firstly, it will launch the construction of omnidirectional radio antennas all around the world, seeking the Holy Grail of the modern age beyond the boundaries of the world we know! The SETI Coin will be initially used to finance the project’s infrastructure, hardware, and research. At a later stage, in function of the progress and discoveries made, it may give its owners the opportunity to participate personally in the research projects for extraterrestrial intelligence.

If successful, this endeavor will lead the human civilization into a new Era. (The raw data received will be kept off the internet, so it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.) The benefits of a First Contact are too numerous to list- every aspect of human life - medicine, fight against pandemics and climate change, engineering, artificial intelligence, science, art, philosophy, and longevity. Much of what is known to be beneficial to the Earth, the humankind and its progress may be radically challenged, improved, or rewritten. Join the search for the greatest discovery in human history!

Why this project is unique? This is the only cryptocurrency project that has a tangible purpose- research and development of the means to find the greatest discovery in human history.


The SETI Coin Project will create a fork Blockchain through the Cardano’s Milkomeda protocol, which Blockchain will be built on the data received from the radio telescopes and other instruments. As the Blockchain technology resists any change to its ingredients, it will hinder the chance the information received from outer space to be manipulated by governments and the truth to be hidden from the public! Additionally, this information will be available to everyone, as the Cardano-forked blockchains will be accessible as a normal blockchain, and professionals or laymen will be able to “listen” to the raw data.


Some propriety methods (like algorithms and methodology) will be used, but generally one strategy of the Search will be to look for Blockchain-like patterns in the spectrum of radio signals received by our instruments. The SETI Coin will become the safest crypto there is, after getting an upgrade to withstand the risk of quantum processors cracking its blockchain.

"I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them." — Isaac Asimov


We are glad to announce that a new stablecoin will be deployed on the SETI Blockchain. It will use algorithms to mint or burn available tokens in order to create inflation or deflation and keep the token at maximum +/- 1% of the price of the EUR. The token will not be backed up by FIAT currency, hence it will not be regulated by any government and it will not suffer from the risk which USDT and its clones hold. The A-Coin will be the first truely universal stable coin!  

Tokonomics and Revenue

The SETI Coin will be input in circulation every year with a predetermined amount of tokens: In 2022 25% of all minted tokens will be made available for purchase, in 2023- 20%, in 2024- 15%, in 2025- 10%, in 2026-29- 5%. There will also be staking options for yielding interest.

The revenue of the SETI Coin Project will consist of two flows: 1. All proceedings from the SETI Blockchain (fees from dApps, DEXs, NFTs, transactions, etc.) will be made available to the project for expansion and upgrade. 2. Reserved SETI Coins can be liquidated in case a force majeure event requires so. (Looking to invest in a new coin? Make sure to do thorough research, as there are a number of scams.)


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Buy SETI Coin with BTC, ETH and other crypto.

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How to buy the SETI Coin?


Add the Polygon network to Metamask (Settings - Networks - Add Network) using these network specifications:

Name: Polygon Network

URL: https://rpc-mainnet.matic.network

ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

You can use other custodial or non-custodial wallets as well!



Add token with smart contract address: 0xD4f918db21b4b9EDF2feb296D234cF2E9f19bC6a


Buy & Sell

Connect your wallet to https://quickswap.exchange/ Then search and add the smart contract 0xD4f918db21b4b9EDF2feb296D234cF2E9f19bC6a

Congratulations! Now you are able to buy SETI Coin and track all your transactions in the Polygon Network!

Option 2


Send the desired amount in ETH, BTC, USDT, MATIC to these addresses:

ETH, BNB, USDT, MATIC: 0x2d57c9F06fc388d7BdB3A8AbD1f183Af66f88Cf9

BTC: 18bCzu8Ut4FfKpoe73QU5MngSQDso4EbF5


Send us an email with the transaction’s hash ID along with your SETI Coin address


We will send you the equivalent SETI tokens of your purchase amount in a ratio 1 SETI : 0.0002 USDT


Distribution and Investment Features of SETI Coin

For our ICO we will sell 50-70% of the total amount of coins depending on demand. The rest will be kept by us to ensure marginal stability of the coin.

SETI Coin and subsequently the Alien Coin will be highly liquid and will not be incumbered with buy-back options, 'right of first refusal' or any restrictions on secondary sales.

What can you do with the SETI Coin?

At the moment, the only thing to do is buy it and HODL (hold on for dear life) it. Of course, you can always swap it at the exchange. Later on, you will be able to buy securities with it- for now they will be called ALIEN Coins and will carry annual income rights. Also, you will be able to participate in voting and governance through the reciprocal amount of your SETI Coins. We will be offering other perks to SETI holders as well: like access to raw data, on-site observations, etc.

cryptency Access to radio data by date and coordinates.
cryptency Digital Green Mining
cryptency Brainstorm
cryptency Cloud System
cryptency Payment Integration
cryptency Utility


1 September, 2021

Airdrop of SETI Coin begins


1 November, 2021

Pre-Sale of SETI Coin begins


15 March, 2022

Start of SETI Coin's ICO


1 June, 2022

Acquisition and Construction


1 July, 2022

Beginning of Blockchain deployment


1 February, 2023

Start of full scale scanning of the known Milky Way for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.


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